The Blue Dart – Episode 2

The continuing (mis)adventures of the Blue Dart!


Weeks have passed and the Blue Dart and Wendell have discretely been taking to the streets to defend Bigg City against the scum who would harm it’s citizens. But a new challenge presents itself
as the Dart must foil an armed bank heist in broad daylight! And with his popularity growing, new enemies are rising to the surface… like the nefarious DR. NEMESIS!!!

Written by Travis Bundy
Series created by Steve Hill & Travis Bundy
Announcer – Phill Arensberg
Wendell Stokes – Travis Bundy
Blue Dart – Troy Lund
Charity Chambers – Sarah Sarka
Jessica Collinsworth – Victoria Castillo
Frantic Citizen –
Head Robber / Grover Polk – Ryan Castle / Phill Arensberg
Hostage –
Policeman –
Will O’Really – Chris Allen
Doctor Nemesis – Michael Murray
Todd – Joel Dale
Production / Editing: Kianna Jaye
Music: Ryan Roullard