The Blue Dart – Episode 3

The continuing (mis)adventures of the Blue Dart!


The Blue Dart faces the harsh reality of sensationalist news in the avatar of Will O’Really. O’Really unrelenting onslaught leaves our hero downtrodden and despondent; can he recover his confidence? Meanwhile, Dr. Nemesis prepares to exact his righteous(?) revenge on the news media.

Written by Travis Bundy
Series created by Steve Hill & Travis Bundy
Announcer – Phill Arensberg
Wendell Stokes – Travis Bundy
Blue Dart – Troy Lund
Todd – Joel Dale
Will O’Really – Chris Allen
ExperiMINTs Singer – Taryn Daly
Doctor Nemesis – Michael Murray
Production / Editing: Kianna Jaye
Music: Ryan Roullard
ExperiMINTs jingle written by Steve Hill / scored by Ryan Roullard / sung by Taryn Daly