The Blue Dart – Episode 4

The continuing (mis)adventures of the Blue Dart!


Reeling in the depths of despair, The Blue Dart commits himself to never picking up the mantle as Bigg City’s super-powered crimefighter… though his friends Wendell and Charity try to lift his spirits. Meanwhile at “SLAMFEST,” Will O’Really’s annual right-wing carnival of misinformation, the evil Doctor Nemesis decides to finally come out of hiding to exact his own brand of justice on the pundit and all of his fans. Can The Blue Dart pick himself up in order to protect the city that shunned him or will Downmoore Park be reduced to smoldering rubble at the hands of a madman?!

Written by Travis Bundy
Series created by Steve Hill & Travis Bundy
Announcer – Phill Arensberg
Wendell Stokes – Travis Bundy
Blue Dart – Troy Lund
Construction Worker – Miles Montgomery
Will O’Really – Chris Allen
Todd – Joel Dale
Charity Chambers – Sarah Sarka
John Boehner – Travis Bundy
Doctor Nemesis – Michael Murray
Jessica Collinsworth – Victoria Castillo
Guy in the Crapper – Troy Lund
Production / Editing: Kianna Jaye
Music: Ryan Roullard
ExperiMINTs jingle written by Steve Hill / scored by Ryan Roullard / sung by Taryn Daly