The Blue Dart – Episode 5

The Tremendous Return of the Blue Dart!!

Things are looking grim for Bigg City…not only is it still reeling from of the attack on Downmoore park by the nefarious Dr. Nemesis, but it has also just been hit with a devestating earthquake! While most of the downtown area has been affected, it has also caused a serious amount of damage to Bigg City’s island prison, Tigh Katrine, allowing hundreds of inmates to escape and hide out in the seedy waterfront area where Wendell Stokes and the Blue Dart attempt to live their lives to the fullest. And who could benefit from all of this mass hysteria? Why, Will O’Reely, of course! He stirs the pot of social unrest while local fat cat Blake Black has dispatched his lap dog, General Terrence Ellerbee, to deal with the situation. But it seems that the good general’s objective is not in the best interest of our two heroes…

Written by Travis Bundy
Series created by Steve Hill & Travis Bundy
Announcer – Phill Arensberg
Jessica Collinsworth – Victoria Castillo
Will O’Really – Chris Allen
Charlie the intern – Hayden the intern
Wendell Stokes – Travis Bundy
Blue Dart – Troy Lund
Charity Chambers – Sarah Sarka
General Terrence Ellerbee – Steve Hill
Production / Editing: Kianna Jaye
Music: Ryan Roullard
ExperiMINTs jingle written by Steve Hill / scored by Ryan Roullard / sung by Taryn Daly