The Blue Dart – Episode 6


After being punched into the blue skies of Bigg City, the nefarious Dr. Nemesis has crash landed in a small village in Mexico. Still boiling over with evil, he plots his triumphant return to Bigg City… as long as he can bum a ride from Todd.

Meanwhile, Wendell and a disguised Blue Dart deal with the abrasive General Terrence Ellerbee, only to realize that his appearance in the newly burdened waterfront area is more complicated than they thought. And that Wendell himself has a much larger part to play in this mystery…

Written by Travis Bundy
Series created by Steve Hill & Travis Bundy
Announcer – Phill Arensberg
Will O’Really – Chris Allen
Dr. Nemesis – Micheal Murray
Alejandro Gomez – Travis Bundy
Maria Gomez – Victoria Castillo
Jessica Collinsworth – Victoria Castillo
Wendell Stokes – Travis Bundy
Blue Dart – Troy Lund
Charity Chambers – Sarah Sarka
General Terrence Ellerbee – Steve Hill
Todd – Joel Dale
Production / Editing: Kianna Jaye
Music: Ryan Roullard